Welcome to IAMD 2017

The Gathering of the World's Air Defence Community

IAMD 2017 returns as the chosen forum of the global air defence community to discuss best practice, implementation of new technologies and TTPs, and innovative methods of increasing cooperation between international partners.

Air and missile defence has grown in importance for nations around the world: as the threats to national security and infrastructure have increased dramatically in recent years. The exacerbation of potential flashpoints around the world, from the Middle East to Eastern Europe and beyond have seen nations move swiftly to upgrade legacy systems and to increase the potency of their current defences.

However the threat grows ever more varied, with the proliferation of UAVs of various sizes and armament; an increasing number of (ballistic) missile-equipped nations; and CRAM threats across Asia and the Middle East.

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2016 Speakers included:

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This year’s key questions include:


How can air defenders be aided by the OEM and systems integrators to smooth the transition from legacy to contemporary assets?


As threats become increasingly varied, what options are there for multi-modal air defence systems, such as directed energy, which can engage a range of targets? What benefits and limitations to these futuristic systems?


In what ways can nations increase the integration of Air Defences across different planes, for example Ground-Based and Sea-Based, in an effort to create a more seamless reactive capability?


What lessons can be transferred between GBAD commanders in different regions of the world, in terms of meeting operational challenges?

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